Play the next generation of puzzle games.

Quadrille is based on the match-three game concept, introducing a new game principle.

Are you tired of similar match-three games? Then try out Quadrille using this new game concept. With it's addicting character Quadrille represents countless hours of entertainment and never-ending fun!

Swap two adjacent chips to match three chips of the same kind on a horizontal or vertical line. Match four chips of the same kind for a star. The goal of the game is to match three stars to get score points and proceed to the next level.

This game makes full use of the iPhone touchscreen. Simply drag the chips around with your finger.

The game also takes into account the orientation of your iPhone. New chips will always fall to the bottom, regardless if you hold your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation. This new game feature adds alot more startegic playing possibilities!

The game will help you with a hint if you don't find any chips to swap.

With each level the game difficulty increases. Which level will you be able to reach?