Unit Conversion

quickly convert units: 16 different unit categories are supported, like temparature, currency, distance, weight, volume, ...

The app also offers a calculator. You don't have to switch any more between conversion and calculation apps. There are even two calculators included, a standard and a scientific one.

Units are sorted by frequency of usage, the units used most often show up on top of the list. No need to scroll anymore to find your favorite units. Programmable buttons make it possible to access your favorite conversion units even faster. All functionalities are accessible on the main screen, no need for tedious switching between sub-screens.

List of supported unit categories:

- currency (live update)

- temperature

- distance

- weight

- volume

- time

- surface

- speed

- angle

- data storage

- energy

- power

- pressure

- concentration

- radioactivity

- typography

Please note: For currency conversion rates are downloaded from an internet server. Without a working internet connection the currency category will not show up.